MEMS3 Tools

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This is my free suite of tools for working with the Rover MEMS3 ECU. It includes MEMS3 Mapper, with full support for remapping (and now live mapping) the ECU, plus support for dual maps with live switching and a utility to reliably recover a bricked ECU. It also includes the simpler MEMS3 Flasher for reading, writing and cloning ECUs and MEMS3 Terminal for monitoring, decoding and logging OBDII communications with the ECU. These tools are all provided free of charge (you just need to purchase a cheap VAG COM KKL 409.1 cable or similar, details provided in the main article here) and run on Windows XP or later, 32-bit or 64-bit.

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MEMS3 Mapper

These articles are about MEMS3 Mapper and how to use it.

Remapping the Rover MEMS3 ECU

MEMS3 Live Mapping - Remapping with Engine Running

MEMS3 Dual-Map - Live Map Switching

MEMS3 MAP Sensor Scaling

MEMS3 Flywheel Trigger Pattern Changes

MEMS3 Immobiliser Delete (Including Rover 75 / MG ZT / Freelander BMW EWS 3.D)

TestBook T4 (Main Dealer) Level Support for MEMS3

Recovering a Bricked Rover MEMS3 ECU

MEMS3 Debugging - Breakpoints with Stack, Register & Variable Tracing on a Running ECU

Other Projects

These articles describe the simpler MEMS3 Flasher tool and other things that have been developed along the way.

Reading/Writing/Flashing the Rover MEMS3 ECU (Download: MEMS3 Flasher)

MEMS3 Debug Code Injection

MEMS3 Reference Library

A library of reference material used during the development of MEMS3 Tools. These files may be of use to anyone else working with MEMS3.

MEMS3 Reference Library