Factory Wiping a MEMS3 ECU So a T4 will see it as a New Unit

Download Link: https://andrewrevill.co.uk/Downloads/MEMS3Tools.zip

Using my MEMS3 Mapper you can now factory wipe a MEMS3, removing all programming and coding history.

The Rover TestBook T4 system will not allow an ECU to be coded to a Rover 75 or MG ZT using the BMW EWS 3.D immobiliser system if it has previously been coded to another vehicle. Although it possible to add new coding records to an ECU which supersede any previous records, using normal MEMS3 functionality it is simply not possible to amend or delete existing coding records. They for an indelible record of the coding history of the ECU. Because of this, it has until now not been possible to source a used replacement ECU for a Rover 75 or MG ZT. With new ECUs for these cars becoming at best prohibitively expensive, especially in relation to the value of an older car, or at worst no longer available, I wanted to develop a way to completely erase a used ECU back to its virgin factory condition, removing all record of precious programming and coding. This is now possible with MEMS Mapper.


In order to add the factory wipe functionality to the ECU, it is necessary to install a custom firmware patch. There is absolutely no need to worry about any effects this may have on the ECU, as the factory wipe itself will remove the firmware, complete with patch.

You will need to download the latest version (5.84 or later) of my MEMS3 Tools from here: https://andrewrevill.co.uk/Downloads/MEMS3Tools.zip

Using this version, perform a full read (both Firmware & Map) from the ECU.

From the menu, check Tools, Project Tools, Install Utility Patch:

This will install the Utility Patch into the firmware in the project, which provides a lot of additional utility functions including the ability to factory wipe the ECU. If successful, you should see a dialog like this, confirming that the Utility Patch is installed into the project:

Write the Firmware & Map back to the ECU in the normal way. You should then see a dialog like this, confirming that the patch is now installed on the ECU:

Now that the ECU has the Utility Patch installed, click Tools, ECU Tools from the menu:

You can now choose to perform a Factory Wipe. Note that there are other options available, allowing you to selectively delete different parts of the ECUs programming and coding. A full Factory wipe will erase the entire main ROM chip, including the Firmware, Coding and Map. It will also erase the contents of the Serial EEPROM, which holds things like adaptations, diagnostic information, immobiliser code etc. It should leave all programmable elements in the ECU in their unprogrammed, factory state.

Select Factory Wipe. You should be asked to confirm that you want to wipe the ECU:

Click Yes. The full Factory Wipe process takes about 5 seconds, after which you should see a dialog like this, confirming that the ECU has been wiped:

The ECU is now in a factory new condition and ready to be programmed from scratch as a new ECU, by T4 or MEMS3 Mapper.