Other Caterham / MG Rover EU3 Engine Management Projects

Write-ups of some of my other projects relating to MG Rover K Series EU3 engine management, including cloning ECUs (by physically removing and copying the memory chips this can now be done more easily using MEM3 Mapper), building bench equipment to test and program ECUs and work I have done on the Lucas 5AS immobiliser. Ive included some useful information on the connectors and terminals for the 5AS in this section.

Cloning the Rover MEMS3 ECU

VRS to Hall Crank Sensor Adapter Installing a Rover 75 or MG ZT engine in another vehicle.

Building a Key Programming & ECU Immobiliser Testing Interface (Download: Project Files)

Building a Crank & Cam Simulator (Download: Project Files)

Decoding & Cloning The Lucas 5AS Immobiliser Part 1 Part 2 (Download: Edit5AS)

Immobiliser Connectors & (Multilock 040 & 070) Terminals