Caterham K Series Engine Wiring Loom Projects

Detailed documentation of the Caterham EU2 and EU3 engine wiring looms. Redrawn and corrected copies of Caterham’s original wiring diagrams. Details of the multifunction relay units (MFRUs). Details on the conversion of MG Rover engine wiring looms to Caterham specification, and conversion of non-VVC engine wiring looms to VVC specification. Recommended crimping tools and settings for terminals used in the engine wiring looms. Details of the Caterham starter motor solenoid circuit with advice on diagnosis of common failures. Fuel pump diagnosis with an oscilloscope.

EU2 Engine Loom and EU2 MFRU (Multi-Function Relay Unit)

EU3 Engine Loom and EU3 MFRU (Multi-Function Relay Unit)

EU3 Engine Loom Recommended Terminals & Crimping Guide

MG Rover to Caterham EU3 Engine Loom Conversions

Early/Late EU3 IAT Sensor Wiring Conversion

Adding VVC to an EU3 K Series Engine Wiring Loom

Demystifying the Caterham K Series Starter Solenoid Circuit

Fuel Pump Diagnostics Using An Oscilloscope