MG Rover to Caterham EU3 Engine Loom Conversions

The diagrams below show the Caterham EU3 VVC and MPI engine wiring looms and highlight those parts which are and are not present in an MG TF/ZR/ZS engine wiring looms. The Caterham engine loom is much more self-contained and contains a lot of elements which are regarded as being part of the main vehicle loom in an MG Rover vehicle. In an MG Rover vehicle the smaller ECU connector is associated with the main vehicle loom, so when converting an MG Rover loom to Caterham configuration, this connector along with the MFRU connectors and Sumitomo connector to the main vehicle loom need to be added. In addition the removal of unused portions of the MG Rover loom leaves a large number of cut ends in the Brown +12V supply spliced wiring and in the Brown/Pink or Brown/Blue Main Relay switched supplies. For neatness I therefore usually replace all of this with new wiring as highlighted below. In MG TF VVC looms the cam sensor wiring can be shorter than is desirable and in these cases I replace this with new wiring too.

NB: All references to MG ZR looms below also apply to MG ZS looms.



The diagrams below show the general layout of the standard Caterham EU3 engine loom and appropriate layout which can be achieved easily when converting engine looms from MG ZR and MG TF. In reality there is a great deal of variation between both Caterham and MG Rover looms which are supposedly identical, in terms of not only cable lengths and colours but also structure and layout, the order in which different cables branch and which cables are bundled together. The layouts before are the templates which I aim for in each case but is sometimes necessary to be a bit flexible or creative.