Procedure For Timing the K Series VVC System

1.       Fit the VVC units and cams and the cross-shaft into the ladder such that the centre of the cut-out in the cross-shaft is aligned with the machined face (1) and the timing slots (2 & 3) are aligned as shown. The position of each VVC unit may be adjusted relative to the cross-shaft by detaching and lifting the unit slightly from the ladder, allowing the teeth to be disengaged.


2.       Rotate the cross-shaft as far as it will go in the direction corresponding to withdrawing the HCU plunger. It will only rotate a short way before the teeth on the cross-shaft run out of track on the VVC units (4), leaving the timing slots (5 & 6) slightly misaligned as shown. Ensure that the teeth run out of track on both VVC units at the same time. Push the HCU plunger fully back into the HCU body as far as it will go then fit the complete HCU to the ladder, holding the cross-shaft in place. As the HCU plunger engages the teeth of the cross-shaft, the shaft and VVC units will start to rotate.


3.       When the HCU is fully home with its piston and plunger fully retracted the timing holes in each VVC unit should be visible through the corresponding holes in the ladder (8) as shown.